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Used shipping container

New, One Trip or Used Shipping Containers in Kenya; Which One Should You Choose?

When looking for a cargo container to build a container house, set up a business premise, or a container office in Kenya, you have to consider the type of container to go for. There are two types you can choose from;

  1. Used cargo containers
  2. New one trip shipping containers.
  • New One Trip Shipping Containers

Usually, this type of container will be less than one year old and has only made only one freight or transportation trip. The container carries goods from the overseas manufacturer to the buyer, and after delivery, it is sold. These containers are perfect for someone who is looking for durability, high aesthetic value, and high quality.

New one trip shipping crates have a solid color and minimal wear and tear since it is almost brand new. Most of these will have a factory lockbox, strong locking handles, and extra venting facilities. If you are looking to modify using a high quality shipping container, then a one trip corrugated box is perfect. Many customers ask for the certificate of origin when working on a container project, and it is readily available with a one trip container, unlike a used one. However, one thing to remember is that one trip intermodal containers are more expensive compared to used ones.

  • Used Shipping Containers

These are containers that have been used to ship goods for two or more trips. Used corrugated boxes are usually more than one year old. The containers are a perfect choice for someone looking to minimize expenses on container prices. Someone looking to link the gap between cost and function will also find this container significantly convenient. With proper care and maintenance, used containers can serve you for more than a decade.

In Kenya and East Africa, used freight containers can be between 5 to 10 years old and can be acquired from credible shipping container sellers, suppliers and hire companies such as Premium Containers Limited. They come in a wide variety bearing different logos and colors of primary shipping companies including Maersk, Triton, Tex, Evergreen, Hamburg, and MSC. Extensive utility and age will be exhibited through scratches, superficial dents, and probably rust. However, you can refurbish and paint the container to extend its life and make it look aesthetically appealing.

Even so, used intermodal freight containers are ideal for efficient storage solutions, container conversion and container fabrication solutions. Excellent examples include furniture storage, record and file storage, construction storage, and recreational vehicle storage. The same goes for container fabrication to offices, modern classrooms, commercial, stalls, storage units, houses, ablution blocks, suburban accommodation units and more. Used cargo containers vary in quality, which means their pricing will also be different depending on the condition of the container. However, you are sure to save some money by purchasing a used freight container compared to a new one trip intermodal container.

Factors to Look Out For

The decision to buy a used shipping container or a new one trip container will dependent on several factors. Consider he following as you take this step;

  • Price range. Before making the purchase, take time to consider the prices of the containers. As mentioned above, the used intermodal containers are cheaper than the new one trip containers. Also, check the grades of the containers since they come in different grades with diverse pricing.
  • Use of the container. If you want effective storage solutions, the used containers will serve the purpose well. Used cargo containers are also perfect for modification and refurbishment into container houses, offices, stalls, stores, accommodation units, clinics, or classrooms. The container fabrication can be aesthetically pleasing through addition of spray paintwork. Still, one trip containers can be ideal for container conversion purposes.
  • Extras. You can also consider the extra advantages that come with the one trip  freight containers, for instance the high aesthetic value, longevity and the fact that you are the original user. Depending on the plans you have for the equipment, you can comfortably select between a used shipping container and an entirely new unit.

Parting Shot

The decision to buy a used or new one trip container is dependent on several factors. Make sure you consider these factors in determining which container to purchase and get value for your money.

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