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Container clinic in Kenya

Shipping Container Clinic in Narok, Kenya by Premium Containers

We built this shipping container clinic in Kimelok, Narok County in 2022 for one of our valuable American client; a non-profit organization working to improve rural health sector in Kenya. The clinic serves as a medical facility for the local community, providing essential healthcare services to those in need.

The clinic features a modern and functional design with multiple examination rooms, a pharmacy, and a waiting area.

The design is a U-shape made of two 20ft and one 40ft container completed with a roofing, verandah, waiting bay and a beautiful interior. Shipping container clinics now taking over Kenya.

It is equipped with air conditioning, electrical and plumbing systems, ensuring that patients receive the best care possible.

The Clinic Design in Pictures

The use of shipping containers in construction also provides a unique and eco-friendly option that is cost-effective and sustainable.

The clinic is an excellent example of how shipping containers can be repurposed to create functional and innovative structures. It provides a much-needed medical facility to the local community, improving access to healthcare services and contributing to the overall well-being of the community.

Premium Containers is committed to providing sustainable and affordable building solutions that meet the needs of individuals and communities. Their expertise in shipping container construction allows them to design and construct unique and functional structures that are cost-effective and eco-friendly.

The shipping container clinic in Kimelok, Kenya, is a perfect example of how shipping containers can be repurposed to create functional and sustainable structures that meet the needs of communities.

Premium Containers is a leader in the design and construction of shipping container structures, and their commitment to sustainability and innovation is reflected in their projects.

Check out more on this project on our YouTube channel below.

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