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Container clinic Kenya

Shipping Container Clinic in Nairobi: Modern Solutions for Healthcare

In Kenya, studies estimate that 1 in 10 people struggle with one or more forms of mental health condition (www.health.go.ke). From these stats, it’s easy to see why mental health care tops the government’s list of concerns.

Perhaps, also, is the reason why Lower Kabete smiles at the sight of this shipping container clinic. Established to extend mental healthcare, the container structure reigns like an oasis of sorts, dominating the region like an incessant sunbeam.

Container Clinic Design

We built the clinic from a combination of six containers (two 20ft and four 40ft) forming a perfect U-shaped structure. These were cautiously stacked on a solid, concrete foundation. We then added a spiral staircase, balconies and walkways, protective barriers, and a complete roof. As per national construction safety measures, we also included a disability rump and staircase at the front entrance.


  1. Foundation: Machine cut stones, concrete pillars, mortar, hardcore stones, binding wire, steel metal bars, red soil, ballast, and sand.
  2. Interior floor: Ceramic tiles
  3. Walls: Steel doors and windows, wooden inner doors, gypsum boards for walls and ceiling, steel metal frames, electric wiring and fittings, opaque glass walls, and polystyrene for temperature regulation.
  4. Roof: Steel metal bars and rafters and box profile iron sheets. Black sheet fisher boards with gutters for rain water collection.

Fabricating Containers to Clinics at Premium Containers Ke

Using our industry experience and expertise in shipping container fabrication, we have successfully completed several container clinics.

These structures are preferred due to their flexibility and sturdiness. As evident in our past projects such as the Kabete clinic, the container structures are as reliable as the traditional brick and mortar structures.

Their aesthetic value is also not in question. Just look at these photos and tell me if this Kabete container clinic isn’t the most beautiful container structure for a clinic.

It is even more beautiful on the ground and also serves its function beyond our client’s expectations.

A healthy nation means a working, productive nation. We hope you enjoy this one.

Check out our YouTube channel below for more visuals on this clinic.

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