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Shipping container classroom Kenya

Shipping Container Classrooms: A Bargain for Kenya’s Investors in Education

If you haven’t considered shipping container classrooms, you are missing out on big business. These are actually less costly, faster and easier to build, and easy to maintain.

The project in this picture was completed in the year 2020 for one of our esteemed clients in Kimelok Narok County, Kenya.

Our clients wanted a modern but cost-effective structure to be used as a classroom for disadvantaged children in the interior, rural parts of Narok county.

Our team at premium containers did not disappoint. In fact, the project was delivered beyond our client’s expectations.

Container Classroom Design and Particulars

In this container classrooms project, we joined two 40ft containers (each measuring 40ft long and 8ft wide) and cut-off the inside parts to expand the space to 16ft wide. We then divided the space laterally to create two classes. Each class ends up measuring 20ft long and 16ft wide.

On a concrete foundation that includes a verandah, the structure guarantees our client decades of service. Inside the classes, we used ceramic tiles for floors, gypsum boards for walls, electric wiring and fittings and a suitable number of doors and windows.

Roofing is a must for any school.

We also painted the inner and outer walls in accordance with client taste and preference.

As you can see, the result is a beautiful and sturdy structure that will serve our children and the Kimelok community for a long time.

Shipping Container Classroom Cost

The cost of such a classroom will be anywhere from $10,000 (Ksh 1.1 million) depending on the size of the structure, materials used in finishing, location and other factors.

Ultimately, you get to save on time, space, and finances, while attaining high quality end products.

This is an investment many are going for; why not you?

Have a look at the project on our YouTube channel below and continue engaging us at premium containers Kenya!