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Container ablution blocks

Shipping Container Bathrooms and Ablution Blocks

Our container washrooms/ablution blocks, are meticulously crafted units meant
to provide sanitary facilities for organizations & institutions with many staff.

As such, they are essential in learning institutions, company premises,
construction sites, events locations, campsites, disaster relief areas, and other
similar settings.
We fabricate these units to cover the following features;

  1. Exterior Structure: The steel shipping containers are robust to protect
    against wind, dust, rain, smoke, and more. The exterior is fitted with
    durable walls, steel doors, and windows.
  2. Size and Layout: Both 20ft and 40ft containers are designed to
    accommodate multiple individual cubicles. Both offer separate sections
    for men and women.
    20Ft: Total of 6 cubicles, 3 for each of the genders.
    40Ft: Total of 12 cubicles, 6 for each of the genders.
    Each of the sections is fitted with washbasins/sinks, wall mirrors, and
    drainage pipes.
  3. Toilets: The washrooms feature flush toilets, similar to those found in
    traditional restrooms. They are usually connected to a larger lead-away
    pipe that drains to a exterior septic or biodigester usually a few feet
    away from the container.
  4. Sinks and Handwashing Facilities: We fit these units with sinks
    equipped with taps, soap dishes, and hand dryer/towel stands. These
    facilities allow individuals to wash their hands after using the toilets.
  5. Lighting and Ventilation: We equip the washrooms with proper lighting
    fixtures to ensure adequate visibility. Ventilation systems are installed to
    maintain air circulation and minimize odors.
  6. Privacy: Each individual cubicle within the washroom will have its own
    lockable door to provide privacy and ensure security while using the
  7. Accessibility: Front steps are set up leading to a single external door
    which in turn leads to the interior washrooms space with the interior
    cubicle doors.
  8. Maintenance and Cleaning: Like regular washrooms, these require
    regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure hygiene.

Container Ablution Blocks in Pictures

In conclusion, our container washrooms provide a temporary but functional
solution for sanitary facilities. They aim to provide a comfortable and convenient experience for users while maintaining cleanliness and hygiene

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