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Shipping container office

Premium Shipping Container Office in Karen, Kenya: A Unique Contextual Design

Our client in Karen estate, Nairobi, who runs a tourism firm wanted this shipping container office within his expansive homestead. A home office would make it convenient to manage his staff, clients, finances, time, schedules, procedures, and other official activities.

The Container Office Design Idea

The container office idea was to minimize wastage through accommodating workers under one functional container office space. Think of it as taking working from home to the next level.

We designed a unique but contextual shipping container office model that pays proper respect to nature. The large windows welcome the soothing sunlight and the green color represents the richly lush and pristine Karen estate.

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Understanding building means understanding the power of community, which is what we applied here.

Our Client’s Shipping Container Office Design and Layout

Structurally, the container office design features two 40ft shipping containers joined to expand the interior space. At the front is a spacious, breezing verandah/foyer that doubles as a waiting area.

The steel and glass front door opens to a reception. Two wooden doors are situated just next to the reception, one to the main office, the other to the boardroom.

Also leading from the reception is a corridor to four different offices. At the very end of the corridor are ladies and gents washrooms. Surface area of the office is 40ft long and 16ft wide. Verandah is 18ft long and 12ft wide.

The Shipping Container Office Kit

  1. Foundation: Machine cut stones, concrete pillars, mortar, hardcore stones, binding wire, steel metal bars, red soil, ballast, and sand.
  2. Interior floor: Vinyl flooring
  3. Walls: Steel doors and windows, wooden inner doors, gypsum boards for walls and ceiling, steel metal frames, electric wiring and fittings, opaque glass walls, and polystyrene for temperature regulation.
  4. Roof: Steel metal bars, box profile iron sheets.

Shipping Container Office Cost

So, you may be wondering what could be the estimated cost of a similar shipping container office if you ever needed one?

Well, here at premium containers we can make a 40ft container office at an average price of between Ksh 900,000 to Ksh 1 million.

A 20ft office, on the other hand will cost anywhere between Ksh 500,000 to Ksh 600, 000.

Of course, these prices are just indicative and may vary slightly depending on several factors such as container price fluctuations in the market, customer material preference, location, and preferred addons.

Check out more on container pricing in our previous article here.

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We hope you enjoyed this one.

Watch our YouTube video below on the container office project.