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Shipping container processing plant

Honey Processing Plant in Kyulu Hills Made from Shipping Containers 

Another one by Premium Containers! The Premium team recently built a unique honey processing plant in Kyulu Hills, Kenya. The plant was constructed using repurposed shipping containers and offers a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for honey processing.

The plant features a modern and functional design, with a honey processing area, storage rooms, and an office space. It is equipped with state-of-the-art processing equipment that ensures the highest quality of honey.

The use of shipping containers in construction provides a cost-effective and sustainable option that is also easy to transport and install.

The honey processing plant also offers an excellent solution for honey farmers in the region, who previously had to transport their honey over long distances for processing.

The proximity of the plant to the farms also ensures that the honey is processed quickly, ensuring its freshness and quality.

The Kyulu Shipping Container Processing Plant in Pictures

At Premium Containers we are committed to providing sustainable and affordable building solutions that meet the needs of individuals and communities. Our expertise in shipping container construction allows them to design and construct unique and functional structures that are cost-effective and eco-friendly.

The honey processing plant in Kyulu Hills, Kenya, is an innovative and sustainable solution that offers a cost-effective way of processing honey. It provides an excellent opportunity for honey farmers in the region to access processing services, thereby improving the quality of their honey and increasing their income.

Premium Containers has once again demonstrated their commitment to sustainable and innovative building solutions, and we are not about to slow down. Watch this space for more projects with us in the future.

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