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Container office in Muthaiga

Extension of an Existing Container Office in Thome, Muthaiga

We were tasked with the refurbishment and extension of an existing office in the heart of the Thome, Muthaiga, and boy, did we deliver!

A dilapidated ground floor has been extended by a contemporary first floor using shipping containers, grooved steel sheets, steel bars and French glass windows with the existing topography of the site maintained at all times.

The requirement was the creation of a design that could accommodate numerous members of office staff.

The specification was to create large workspaces, separate staff slots and the establishment of a larger, isolated office space for the general manager. A door from the manager’s space leading to an external rest area was also setup connected to the staircase by a balcony fitted with protective barriers.

How We Did It

Our approach involved removing the roof, fitting the ceiling with steel frames and steel support beams and welding and screwing them into position.

Office Floor Plan
Cross-sectional representation of the upper office support.

The steel columns allow the structure under construction to hang above the first floor rather than overtly rest on it.

The interior floor feature cheqa plates welded above the steel framework to support the ceramic tiles.

The walls and ceiling are fitted with gypsum boards covering electric wiring and fittings, steel supporters and polystyrene temperature regulation materials.

Office Interior
A staff member at work inside of the office structure.

The client was actively involved during the design and building stages by contributing with questions and recommendations regarding how their staff intended to use the space.

This way, we were able to create the shared office space with individual sections, the isolated office, the exterior rest area, the balconies and staircase and many other elements.

More on this project in our YouTube channel below.