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One acre fund shipping container

Container Shops/Stores – With One Acre Fund (Tupande Project)

Kenya’s farmers choose to work with One Acre Fund to improve agricultural output, feed their families, and enhance their livelihoods.

The enterprise equips farmers with the knowledge, machines, and information necessary for these and more objectives.

Generally, the organization aims to alleviate hunger and poverty in Kenya by providing agricultural education and support systems.

You have probably noticed One Acre Fund container outlets in major towns across the country.

Here is a brief description of this project in which Premium Containers was a proud partner.

One Acre container shop
A One Acre Fund shop, completed and ready for dispatch

Premium Containers recently partnered with this global initiative to supply container shops/stores that were proposed by One Acre Fund organization.

Design of the Container Shop

The shop is divided into two sections: a shop section at the front and a storage section at the back.

Shop Section (The Front of the Container)

Container shop front door
The shop section of the container is stacked with materials and equipment

The structure is made up of:

  1. Properly sanded and varnished (clear varnish) wall shelves (16mm plywood), holders, and lockable cabinets (each 457.5mm x 500mm) with stainless steel handles for small tools and packets.
  2. A service cabinet with a display mirror and lockable glass doors on the front side.
  3. A seed cabinet with wooden stoppers for item safety.
  4. A chemicals cabinet with lockable double doors on the backside (88mm x 51mm).
  5. Wooden frames made from properly dried cypress (40x40mm).
  6. Longitudinal ventilation openings with alternating mesh and glass sections.
  7. A large roller shutter door (4.78m x 2.2m) with hydraulic wheel.
  8. A large front extension/canopy (5m x 1m) with steel frames and 7 brackets.
  9. Remotely powered electric wiring and fittings for lighting.
  10. Wooden pallets for floor storage of produce.

Storage Section

Shipping container storage

The storage section is made up of:

  1. ISO paneled walls fastened to wooden frames on walls and ceiling.
  2. ISO panels sandwiched with Styrofoam insulation.
  3. Steel storage racks (5500mm x 800mm) with 30 x 30 x 1.5 SHS steel frames and 18mm wooden tops.
  4. Storage racks placed under the storage racks.
  5. Battery, inverter, and electric wiring and fittings for remote power provision.
  6. Vertical ventilation openings framed with steel and meshed on the inside.
  7. Double steel doors lockable from both inside and outside.

Exterior Design

Container exterior
  1. Yellow paint covers all exterior walls and the container top.
  2. The organizational logo is branded on the front and side.
  3. Rooftop twin solar panels are connected to the main power supply inside the container.
  4. Rooftop light and motion sensor.

One Acre Fund is committed to supplying farmers with all the requirements for farming. The agroeconomic support aims to enhance food productivity for both domestic and commercial purposes.

We are proud to partner with such a forward-thinking organization to eradicate hunger and ensure food security throughout the country.

Find out more about the One Acre container store project on our YouTube Channel below.

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