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Container farm house in Kenya

Container Farm House in Kenya By Premium Containers

The Premium boys at Premium Containers Kenya Ltd are always ready to take on challenging construction projects.

We recently undertook a unique project on the outskirts of Nairobi city. Our team built a shipping container farmhouse that serves as an alternative housing project to one of our esteemed clients.

The shipping container farmhouse is made up of a 20ft repurposed shipping container that was diligently transformed into a modern and functional living space. The house features a spacious living room, a kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

The project aimed to provide a cost-effective and sustainable housing solution for our client who was looking for an alternative to traditional homes.

Shipping container homes are becoming increasingly popular due to their affordability, durability, and eco-friendliness.

The use of shipping containers in construction also provides an opportunity to reduce waste and repurpose materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

The Shipping Container Farm-House in Pictures

The farmhouse was designed to blend seamlessly into its natural surroundings, creating a unique and inviting living space that offers residents a serene and peaceful environment.

So, How Much will Such a Shipping Container Farm-House Cost?

At Premium Containers, we believe in providing our clients with innovative alternative housing projects that provide a cost-effective and sustainable living solution.

Building such a farm-house project will cost you anywhere from Ksh 1.1 million for a 20 ft container house and Ksh 2 million and above for a 40ft container house, with the exact cost depending on various factors such as the size of the home, level of customization, and materials used.

Building a shipping container home is generally a cost-effective option compared to traditional building methods. Shipping containers are readily available and can be repurposed to create functional and modern structures at a lower cost.

The use of sustainable materials and eco-friendly practices in the construction process also contributes to the cost-effectiveness of the project.

While the initial cost of building a shipping container farmhouse may be higher than purchasing a traditional home, the long-term benefits can outweigh the initial investment.

Shipping container homes require minimal maintenance and are more durable, making them a sustainable and cost-effective option in the long run.

The project by Premium Containers is an excellent example of how shipping containers can be repurposed and transformed into functional and sustainable living spaces.

It is an innovative and environmentally conscious approach to housing that offers an alternative to traditional homes while reducing the impact on the environment.

Check out more on this project in our YouTube Channel below.


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