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Fabricating a container

Container Fabrication and the Housing Crisis in Kenya: Time to Seek Alternative Solutions

Why Do We Need Diverse Construction Solutions to Combat the Housing Crisis?

According to the World Economic Forum, more than 2 billion people globally live in substandard housing, accounting for roughly 25% of the population.

By 2030, the global demand for adequate housing could exceed supply by 40%. This housing shortage could have dire consequences for people’s security and safety. More importantly, it could limit economic growth by up to a third and negatively impact health, wellness, and social cohesion.

An exquisite container farmhouse in Kakamega, Kenya

Therefore, the magnitude of the challenges posed by the housing shortage should inspire innovation, technology adoption, and collaboration between governments and companies.

A government that genuinely cares about its people should prioritize their welfare. Sadly, this is not always the case. In fact, many individuals are often left to find their own housing solutions, based on the age-old belief that every human being must secure shelter for themselves.

In Kenya, there has been a longstanding need for innovators who can improve the housing situation and potentially find solutions. While various methods of home building already exist, it is beneficial to explore additional solutions.

In our current challenging economic times, where affordability is a significant concern, the population requires partners capable of addressing the housing problem.

Everyone deserves a safe and comfortable place to call home, with minimal obstacles to obtaining one. Organizations like Premium Containers Kenya excel in container fabrication, creating a wide range of designs, including container houses.

For a decade, Premium containers has driven change in home construction using used shipping containers, collaborating with individuals, companies, and organizations to establish homes in areas where they are scarce or urgently needed.

Joseph Keyombe, the Project Manager at Premium Containers, emphasizes:

“A successful home builder in today’s world is not just focused on changing the developing world but is also integrating new technologies to address these challenges. A variety of solutions are needed to tackle the housing crisis effectively. Simultaneously, we must remain environmentally conscious throughout the construction process to ensure a harmonious coexistence with nature.”

Joseph Keyombe

Premium Containers transforms discarded materials into functional units, primarily homes, and offices.

They capture these materials, fabricate them to exceptionally high standards, and establish them as family homes, servant’s quarters, holiday homes, weekend getaways, Airbnb accommodations, cottages, cabins, and more.

A premium container home

Additionally, they cater to organizations and institutions in need of readily affordable office spaces.

“Containers are really interesting because they are omnipresent. They touch literally everything in life today both on land and sea. Yet we live in what I’d like to call a use and forget society. Only a decade ago, we didn’t think about what happens when we use and discard containers. But today, they have turned into gold thanks to innovation.”

Benjamin Mwanga (Premium Marketing Manager)

Insulation is an essential part of the container transformation process. Premium uses environmentally friendly materials such as Styrofoam and gypsum to create high-quality, completely sustainable finishes for container interiors, making them all-weather.

Container interior

By avoiding harmful materials, they can provide communities and organizations throughout East and Central Africa with reliable, cost-friendly units for both housing and office purposes.

Duncan Majani, Premium Container’s Digital Marketing Strategist, highlights:

“We are at the heart of a global nexus where shelter ranks among humanity’s most fundamental needs. By addressing housing, we can make strides in solving issues related to clothing, food, and security. With adequate food, clothing, and shelter, we establish a solid foundation for civilization.”

Duncan Majani

To ensure the quality of their work, Premium uses a combination of wire brushes, grinders, and metal scrubbers to smooth stained, rusty, or corroded container surfaces before applying paint. This process removes worn-out sections and allows the paint to adhere naturally.

See how this transforms the container interior below.

Hudson Pascal, the Human Resources Manager at Premium, explains:

“Used containers face the elements, endure motion, and interact with nature. They experience extreme weather conditions on land and at sea, often leading to significant wear and tear. For some containers, there’s no returning to shipping use. Therefore, from the moment we receive them, we embark on a transformation journey, redirecting them toward construction.”

Hudson Pascal

Premium Containers continues to lead the way in converting containers into sustainable homes and offices, contributing to the global effort to address the housing crisis.

To find out more about Premium Containers Kenya, check out our past projects page and visit our YouTube channel below.

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