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Container dry cleaning shop

Container Dry Cleaning Shop: Special Project in Nairobi

Generally, dry cleaning shops offer convenient commercial spaces through which dry cleaning
services are advanced to customers.
We refurbished this unit from a 20-foot steel shipping container.

Shipping container shop exterior

The shop includes:

  1. The Service Bay: This is a space for inquiries, collection, waiting, and delivery of
  2. The Service Counter: This section is designed with shelves for storage for documents,
    stationery, tools, equipment, and materials.
  3. Steel Shelves: Set on one side of the interior, these store materials to be dry-cleaned,
    materials awaiting collection or delivery, and dry-cleaning chemicals.
  4. The Hanging Rails: These are for clothing that has been dry cleaned and covered with
  5. The Meshed Ventilation Openings: This supports a system that keeps the air fresh by
    diluting and removing polluted air.
  6. The Electrical System: This powers the lighting, heating, and dry-cleaning machines.
Shop Interior

The exterior display shows the business name, address, services offered, some materials that
can be cleaned, and contact information.
The center of the unit has space for the dry-cleaning machine and ironing table.

Duration: The project took 12 days to complete.

Check out the structure on our YouTube channel.

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