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Container shop in Upper Hill, Nairobi

Container Boutique at Upper Hill, Nairobi: Where Shoppers Flock to Rock

Basically, this boutique business was a setup to provides buyers a special and customized
shopping experience in an upper middle class residential area in Nairobi.

Here, you find varieties of clothes for different persons, seasons, activities, purposes and events.

Exterior view

We paid close attention to client specifications which included the following;

  1. A Personalized Office: This is an open interior space where office furniture is setup for
    the shop operator. It also doubles up as a cash area/ accounts space and highlights the
    boutique’s commitment to providing a unique and tailored shopping experience
  2. Display Section: This space has rails on which the clothes are hanged and displayed.
  3. The Change Room: A secure, privatized inner room with huge display mirrors for
    customers to fit some of the merchandise.
  4. Shelved Walls: This section provides space for storage of newly acquired clothing as well
    as clothing awaiting display.
  5. Roller Shutter Display Door with Glass Panning: This opening has a motor that rolls the
    door during opening or shutting. The glass pane allows passers-by and window shoppers
    to peek inside the shop.
Container shop unfinished interior

In establishing this particular unit, we adopted the free-flow plan which caters to shopper
comfort and convenience, making it easy to browse and find desired items.

We built the boutique with customer’s specific details in mind, including ample shopping space, clear displays, beautiful interior design, and the generally easy-to-clean structure.

Duration: 12 Days

See more about this project on our YouTube Channel below.