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Shipping Container clinic project in Il-Kerin

A Premium Containers Clinic Project in IL-KERIN, Narok County

As part of our ongoing support for the health sector in Kenya, Premium Containers recently completed a container clinic project in Il-Kerin, Narok county.

The clinic was a project initiated and funded by one of our seasoned client, an American nonprofit organization that works to improve the health sector in rural Kenya. The new facility will cater to the residents of Il-Kerin and offer both preventive and curative health services.

Design and Construction of the Container Clinic

The container clinic is designed in a U-shape and consists of two 20ft and one 40ft container. The containers were transformed into a modern and functional facility that includes a waiting bay, examination rooms, and a spacious interior.

The exterior features a verandah and a roof that provides shade and protection from the extreme weather conditions in Narok county.

The use of shipping containers in construction offers several advantages, including cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and durability.

The Premium Containers team utilized their expertise in container construction to create a unique and functional clinic that meets the needs of the community.

Impact on the Community

The container clinic in Il-Kerin, Kenya, is set to have a significant impact on the community. The residents previously had to travel long distances to access healthcare services, which often resulted in delayed treatment and higher costs.

The new clinic will provide easy access to medical care and offer a range of preventive and curative services to the community.

The container clinic project in Il-Kerin, Kenya, by Premium Containers is a testament to their commitment to sustainable and innovative building solutions.

The new clinic will provide a much-needed healthcare facility for the residents of Kimelok and improve access to medical care in rural Kenya.

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The use of shipping containers in construction offers a cost-effective and sustainable solution that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Premium Containers has once again demonstrated their expertise in container construction and their dedication to improving the lives of individuals and communities.

Check out more on this project on our YouTube channel below.